How do I know your music is a right fit for my event?

I help my clients host truly special and memorable events. Be it a wedding, private party, wine tasting, or more… tell me the mood and atmosphere that you desire for your event, and I am at your beck and call. To see what others have to say about my services, click here.

What type of music do you perform/provide?

As a trained and seasoned classical, jazz, and pop/rock guitarist, I specialize in a eclectic mixture of jazz, classical, blues, pop, reggae, and funk genres. However, depending upon your request, I can perform either a mixture of those genres, or just one… for example, only jazz music, or only classical music.

What does a typical performance by Dave Berry usually entail?

It depends upon your preference. If you’d like to have only solo music, you can expect a solo performance on either electric guitar and/or classical guitar. If you’d like to have background music with an extra “kick,” you can expect a one-man band type performance. For one-man band performances, I will sometimes incorporate other instruments into my performances, such as piano, ukelele, and bass.

What types of events are you available for?

I’m available for weddings (i.e. ceremony, cocktail hour, and/or reception), art shows, wine tastings, private parties, holiday functions, birthday parties, grand openings, banquets, special event receptions and cocktail hours. In addition, I occasionally perform at restaurants, lounges, and clubs. If you’d like me to perform at your function and it is not listed here, please feel free to contact me directly with any inquiries at twofiveone@daveberrymusic.com.

Do you provide your own equipment/sound? Can you provide a PA system and microphones?

I provide all of my own sound equipment. I’m equipped for both very small venues as well as large halls and/or outdoor venues. In addition, if you need sound equipment for speeches etc., I can provide a PA sound system with microphones.

Do you require anything from me if I hire you?

All that I require is access to an adequate power source (this is not required if I am performing classical or acoustic guitar) and shelter for outdoor performances in the event that it rains.

How far are you willing to travel?

Based out of Los Angeles, California, I’m available to perform anywhere within the Los Angeles County area. For any out of town and/or travel requests, please contact me.

Can I hear samples of your music and/or live performances? Is your music available for download?

Yes indeed! Click here to listen to the songs I have written and recorded, as well as to view videos of my live performances. My music will be available for download soon, and it will be available on a pay what you like basis. To keep posted about my upcoming CD release, subscribe to my eNewsletter!

Do you offer lessons?

I do! However, due to a very busy schedule, I am only available for online sessions and slots are limited. Click here to learn more!