Optimizing SoundCloud

Yesterday, Fred Wilson sourced some data from comScore that listed the top rated apps in terms of “Time Spent” on them. That is, the apps that consumers use the most. Check out the data for a sec.

Not surprisingly, movies and music are among the most used. Fred’s interest is in the messenger apps, which have made it on the list as well. But that’s not my interest.

While it isn’t surprising that movies and music make the list, I think it has some implications for musicians that warrant a second look. As musicians (especially bootstrapped musicians), we have important questions to ask ourselves in today’s world:

How do you best market yourself in a noisy world?
What are the best (but cheapest) tools to bolster your chances of being heard?

Those are two among the most important questions to ask.

There are so many apps and tools. There are also many different unique ways to approach marketing. You can even cut across industries. E.g. writing music for video games, writing music for a popular YouTube account, sponsoring a start-up (or pitching to have the start-up sponsor you if you have a wide fan base in line with the target audience of the start-up), being the resident musician at a non-profit, etc. …

Looking at the chart in the link above, Pandora is first (not surprising in terms of time spent), followed by Spotify (again not surprising), and then SoundCloud follows (surprising, at least to me).

For bootstrapped musicians, this seems to be a obvious goldmine.

SoundCloud isn’t new. But I think it is perhaps underutilized. I personally haven’t spent much time trying to optimize it. But after reviewing this data, I plan to do so…

What are the best ways to optimize your Soundcloud profile?
What are all the ways you can use SoundCloud to get heard?
Does SoundCloud offer any other API’s (use and integration into any other apps)?

These are all questions I will be spending a lot of time pondering in the near future. If you have any feedback feel free to respond in the comments!

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