Hola, Los Angeles

I’ve arrived safely in Los Angeles. Well, it’s actually been about three weeks since I first arrived, but things have been so hectic that I haven’t been able to post anything yet… So, here is a quick update:

The Trip:

The trip here was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. I drove across country with my Uncle who is the most down-to-earth, unique and overall coolest person I have ever known. Many jokes were made, as well as a lot of philosophy talk and science musings (a past-time we’ve had from ever since I was a kid).

We made it here in 4 days, the longest stretch being the second day, where we drove 16.5 hours. We passed through Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, then Arizona before finally hitting California. My favorite spots were Nashville, Memphis/Graceland (although Memphis humidity is ridiculous!), New Mexico, and Arizona. The highlight of the trip by far was the Grand Canyon, which was amazing beyond words.

Here are a few pictures from the trip (note: pictures do not do justice to the Grand Canyon)…

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The Arrival:

The day after I arrived, I immediately started my full-time job as R&D Chemist. Since then, I’ve been busy settling into work (working a lot of overtime to get up to speed with projects etc.), settling into my new place, and trying to find some sort of overall routine. I’m almost there, but it’s been tricky…

Traffic is a bit of a nuisance (with my daily commute time averaging 2 hours)… but aside from that, the weather is unbelievable, and there is so much life in this city. There is always something to do, and since I’ve just arrived, with the little time I have had after work, I’ve tried to learn my way about the city, network and meet some new people, and experience LA. I’ve had a great time doing that, and I’m by no means done, but with three weeks in, my priority now is finding a good routine.

I haven’t yet been able to experience many music venues, but that will soon change. The only one I have been to so far is The Hotel Café in Hollywood, which is really, really cool… Aside from that, I’ve been listening to a large amount of Cuban music (I don’t know what they’re saying, but I like it), and an even larger amount of flamenco music, even more than I did pre-California. It must be the palm trees…

With respect to the album, while I haven’t yet had time to restart the recording process, I have been able to find some time to work on improving some songs (due to the brief hiatus, I’ve been able to reanalyze the album material with fresh ears, and have found a few areas for improvement…). So, in my spare time here in LA, I’ve been spending time working on some odds and ends in a few of the compositions. Very soon, however, once I settle into a working routine, I’ll be back in business recording! So… keep posted!

All the best,

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