Tricks Of The Trade – Joe Pass On Building Chords

Tricks Of The Trade - Joe Pass On Building Chords

In this video, jazz guitar giant Joe Pass provides some great wisdom on building, substituting, and classifying chords. His key point is the importance of chord simplicity when playing the guitar so as to avoid unnecessary complexity. He advocates grouping chords together into the smallest possible classifiable units in order to facilitate your playing; if … [Read more...]

Video Of The Week – John Scofield & Mulgrew Miller

I have a handful of favorite guitarists. John Scofield happens to be one of them. He has a very eclectic style. It’s a nice blend of non-traditional melodic phrasing, and just the right amount of dissonance in the right places. While he’s primarily a jazz guitarist, his playing is by no means limited to jazz. … [Read more...]

Seth Godin on Creativity, Routines, and Sales

The following is a passage from a wonderful little book by 99U called “Manage Your Day-To-Day: Build Your Routine, Find Your Focus, & Sharpen Your Creative Mind”. It is from a Q&A session that 99U did with author, entrepreneur, and educator Seth Godin. In the following passages, Seth highlights just how important building routines are … [Read more...]