One Week, 3 Songs Down…

One Week, 3 Songs Down...

Just last week I started the recording process for my first solo guitar album. I’m very excited to finally record what I’ve written. My set up is quite simple. Bare bones really… I’m using some basic MXL condenser microphones (MXL 440/441 to be exact), a simple two-input TAPCO digital audio interface that was given to … [Read more...]

New Song – “Tilly”

Just finished recording a new song. Will most likely be included on my upcoming album (keep posted by subscribing to my mailing list). Have a listen below and let me know your thoughts!

Mini-Reunion Show 07-17-14

This week, I’ll be changing things up a bit… Aside from my normal routine as a soloist, I’ll be joining a very good friend of mine, Mike, for a duo performance at Hell’s Kitchen in Norfolk this Thursday evening 07-17-14. I’ll be on guitar, and Mike will be on guitar and vocals. It will be … [Read more...]

What Is A Classical Guitar?

What Is A Classical Guitar?

A “Classical Guitar” typically refers to an instrument in the chordophone family that evolved, most notably, from the lute and vihuela. The period during which this evolution took place spanned the Renaissance (~1300-1600) and Baroque (~1600-1700) eras. As the instrument evolved, it maintained the look and playability of a lute/vihuela while gaining size. The classical … [Read more...]