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In The Huffington Post Today :)

Hello everyone! Here is a clip from our show in NY with Chloe Temtchine featured today in the Huffington Post: Psst! Want the Password to a New Pop-up Speakeasy? Just when you thought there wasn’t anything new or unique in New York City, some new-fangled thing always pops us. Right now, it’s The 125! Wuzzat? … [Read more...]

Performing with Chloe Temtchine in LA

Hello everyone, I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be performing with the incredibly talented Chloe Temtchine. Her music is absolutely beautiful, and her story is amazing. She is based out of New York, but is living in LA for the next 6 months or so performing. So, while she is here, I’ll be performing … [Read more...]

Optimizing SoundCloud

Yesterday, Fred Wilson sourced some data from comScore that listed the top rated apps in terms of “Time Spent” on them. That is, the apps that consumers use the most. Check out the data for a sec. Not surprisingly, movies and music are among the most used. Fred’s interest is in the messenger apps, which … [Read more...]

New Song! “La Carrera”

The summer was WAY busier than expected. I encountered several curveballs. And I let them do damage too as it’s been about 4 months since I last recorded a song… So far, I think I’m about half way finished with the album. At this pace, I’ll never finish the album by the end of the … [Read more...]

Parcelas #2 & #3

Here are a few additional short tunes I posted the previous month or so on social media, but forgot to post on this blog. Parcela #3 was written yesterday in the spirit & honor of Memorial day. I hope you enjoy! P.S. Just moved to a new spot here in LA, and additionally, had some … [Read more...]

Parcela #1 – Song Library

A short tune I wrote yesterday. This is going to be the first in a series of short tunes on guitar. The goal being compiling library of short tunes (songs, guitar studies, etc). Quality isn’t great, but it isn’t meant to be. Just something I put together quickly. Hope you enjoy, and I hope everyone … [Read more...]